A criminal assault is a threat, or threatening display of force, to inflict bodily injury on another. Aggravated assault and/or battery makes the criminal charge more severe and may involve a deadly weapon, while sexual battery involves forced sexual contact between the victim and perpetrator. If there have been allegations that you have threatened or harmed another and are facing criminal felony charges, contact the law office of J. Michael Price II in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Assault And Battery Charge Attorney

As an aggressive and well-respected Texas aggravated assault attorney, I have obtained successful results in many assault cases since 1995. Persons accused of force or threats of force need a strong defense to protect their rights. My approach with assault and battery cases, as in all of my legal practice areas is to:

  • Meticulously gather all of the facts from the police reports
  • Interview all pertinent witnesses and arresting law enforcement officers
  • Employ prominent professionals in the relevant fields to reconstruct the scene
  • Use the latest in computer technology to assist with research
  • Meet with the prosecutor to discuss negotiation or trial options

Secure Quality Criminal Defense Representation

My thorough approach is responsible for getting charges dismissed or dropped in many cases of aggravated assault. The key is to call me at 214-651-1121 or toll free at 877-651-1121 as soon as you suspect you will be charged with a crime. I handle every case personally.

If you are in trouble, contact the Texas aggravated assault lawyer who will be a strong advocate for you. To learn more about this area, please check out my e-newsletter on felonies and my criminal defense FAQs.