Alcohol Related Violations And Public Intoxication

Texas Criminal Defense For Alcohol-Related Violations

From our office in Dallas, Texas, attorney J. Michael Price II provides dependable criminal defense representation for all North Texas clients charged with public intoxication, DWI or other alcohol-related violations. With penalties that can impact your wallet, your career, your family and your freedoms, make sure you have representation on your side that can help.

Whether you were arrested during a night out with friends or your son or daughter was charged with underage possession, we have proven strategies and approaches to help you. We put more than a decade of proven experience, successfully handling thousands of cases, to work for you.

If you have been charged with public intoxication or any other alcohol-related violation, call us today at 214-651-1121.

You Have Rights — You Have Options

When you have been arrested for an alcohol-related offense, put aggressive and thorough representation on your side. Our lawyer, J. Michael Price II, has been handling cases throughout Texas for more than a decade with significant and positive results. We represent both adults and juveniles in cases that include:

We work to protect your rights and your freedom. We fully investigate your situation and your arrest to explore every option available to have your charge reduced, dropped or dismissed. With a proven record of success, we can help you build a strategy to clear your name and avoid serious penalties.

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