Probation Revoked and Reinstated in Dallas, Texas

People on probation have been convicted of a crime such as assault or burglary but are serving probation rather than a prison or jail sentence. These individuals must abide by the terms of probation, often under the supervision of a probation officer. If you have violated these terms, the officer can request to file a petition for violation of probation. In some situations, the individual then faces incarceration or enhanced penalties.

Has your probation been revoked in Dallas, Texas, after an alleged violation of its terms? Has a motion to revoke probation been filed? It is imperative to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. You can also call our firm at 214-651-1121 or toll free at 877-651-1121, to schedule your consultation.

Collin County Felony Violation Defense Attorney J. Michael Price II Can Help If Your Probation Has Been Revoked.

Our experienced attorney has handled probation revocations for many clients who have allegedly violated the terms of their probation. Terms of probation can include the following:

  • Regularly reporting to probation officer
  • Refraining from criminal activity
  • Submitting to alcohol/drug testing
  • Participating in alcohol/drug treatment
  • Performing community service
  • Living at a directed address or make a timely notification of address change

Your probation could be revoked if you:

  • Failed to report to your probation officer
  • Committed a subsequent crime
  • Failed to report for court
  • Violated any of the other terms of your probation

The probation officer will request to file a petition for violation of probation. At the hearing, he or she may request enhanced probation conditions, a longer probation time or even jail or prison time.

Our law firm has been successful at saving many clients from going to jail or prison when motions to revoke were filed against them. It is entirely possible to convince the judge or DA to reinstate your probation or have it reinstated after you have completed an alternate punishment.

It may not be possible in every situation to get your probation reinstated. If your probation is revoked, we will fight on your behalf to get the least amount of incarceration time.

We Can Help.

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