The Second Amendment and Texas concealed weapons laws can be complicated and confusing when it comes to unauthorized use or concealed guns. Criminal defense lawyer J. Michael Price II has the knowledge and experience to offer a strong legal criminal defense to clients facing allegations involving weapons of all kinds. From my Dallas, Texas, law firm, I have handled more than 2,000 criminal cases since 1995, and I can help you.

Dallas, Texas, Law Firm Handling All Types Of Weapons Charges

Some of the weapons charges may include:

  • UCW — unlawfully carrying a weapon
  • Concealed handgun license violations
  • Concealed guns or firearms at airports or other public places
  • Unlawfully brandishing or discharging a weapon
  • Illegal sale of a weapon
  • Possession of a machine gun or prohibited weapon
  • Being a felon in possession of a firearm

Whether the weapon involved is a switchblade knife or an assault rifle, the penalties for breaking the law can include fines, prison time, losing the right to own a deadly weapon or other punishment, depending upon the nature of the offense.

Trust Your Criminal Defense To A Successful Attorney

If you are facing allegations of a weapons charge, either alone or as part of an aggravated assault, you need a strong defense. In complex criminal cases, I follow a high standard for all of my clients in my wide variety of practice areas. After the initial investigation of the police reports and interviews with any witnesses, I use the latest in computer technology to research the case. If I need the assistance of prominent professionals to delve into some of the more complex aspects of the case, I have access to the best and brightest. I use all of these factors together to formulate the best possible defense on your behalf.

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