Insurance Fraud And Forgery

If you have been charged with, are being investigated for, or are under suspicion for insurance fraud or forgery crimes, make sure you hire an attorney you can rely on to provide effective and proven representation. These can be serious crimes with consequences, including imprisonment, fines and restitution, leaving those convicted facing a lifetime of challenges.

Criminal defense lawyer J. Michael Price II will work closely with you to build a strong and reliable defense. Recognized five years running by Texas Super Lawyers, Mr. Price will use proven strategies in and out of the courtroom that are designed to protect your rights.

Strength And Knowledge In Insurance Fraud Cases

When you make a claim on an insurance policy, such as homeowners or car insurance, insurance companies aggressively review your claim looking for any hint of fraud. Whether they suspect you may overstate the claim or that you staged an event, they will aggressively pursue anything they perceive as wrongdoing.

These and other so-called white collar crimes require the representation of a proven lawyer with the resources and thorough approach the case demands.

Whether we are fielding expert testimony to support your case or the results of our own independent investigation, we represent clients accused of all financial crimes. Whether you are an individual, a small-business owner, a health care provider or another professional, attorney J. Michael Price II can help build your defense.

Aggressive Representation For Forgery Charges

Similarly, individuals charged with forgery, whether money, documents or government identification, face similar charges and consequences. Crimes of misrepresentation, such as forgery and fraud, can lead to a criminal record, significant fines, financial troubles and jail.

Who will you entrust your freedom and future to? At our office, we put a lawyer to work for you who has been recognized for five consecutive years in Texas Super Lawyers and with strong credentials in both criminal law and trial advocacy.

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