Dallas, Texas, Lawyer to Fight Illegal Traffic Stops

Law enforcement officers are bound by the law, just like any other person. Considering the power they can wield, they are held to a high standard that protects your civil and constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure. They must have reasonable cause and they must follow procedures when they enter into a person's life or detain someone.

Attorney J. Michael Price II can help you protect your rights when a police officer fails to act within those bounds by performing an illegal stop, search or arrest. We will fully investigate the situation, review evidence, interview law enforcement and file motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence.

J. Michael Price II has more than a decade of experience as a highly respected and proven Dallas, Texas, attorney who fights illegal traffic stops, as well as DWI and other criminal charges. When you need experienced and effective representation, call our office at 214-651-1121 or contact us online.

Protecting Against DWI and Illegal Stops in the Dallas Area by Filing a Motion to Suppress

J. Michael Price II has represented thousands of clients in Texas over a career that spans more than 15 years. More importantly, his career has been entirely focused on defense, with no history of prosecution. Our office is focused strictly on defending and protecting the rights of our clients.

When we take a DWI case, one of the first things we evaluate is the stop and arrest. It is not uncommon to discover that law enforcement failed to follow proper procedure, which is why we examine:

  • Reasons for the initial stop
  • The way in which field sobriety tests are handled
  • The legality of the arrest
  • The way in which evidence was gathered
  • Whether proper procedure was followed for breath or chemical tests

If there is evidence of an illegal stop or that your rights were infringed upon, then we aggressively seek motions to suppress evidence and to have your case dismissed. Certified in trial advocacy by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification and in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, J. Michael Price II has the knowledge, experience and resources to help you protect your rights.

Stand Up for Your Rights — Get the Defense You Need

Contact our office online or by phone at 877-651-1121 to work with a lawyer that will aggressively protect your rights by filing a motion to suppress after a DWI stop. If you have been the victim of an illegal traffic stop resulting in a DWI, we will fight for you.