Federal And White Collar Crimes

The Dallas law office of J. Michael Price II operates in state and federal courts providing experienced and reliable white collar crimes defense for clients throughout North Texas. J. Michael Price II is an attorney with proven experience and a record of success in highly complex criminal defense cases.

Serious Charges With Stiff Penalties

Not only can a white collar crime conviction leave you with a potential felony conviction, jail time and a permanent criminal record, but also it may virtually bankrupt you with fines and restitution. Do not face these possibilities without a capable defense.

If you are facing state or federal white collar crime charges, make sure you have an attorney on your side with the resources, knowledge and experience to tackle the complex issues of your case. Call us at 214-651-1121 today.

Representation To Meet The Challenge

At any given moment, a white collar crime case may require that your attorney be capable of arguing effectively in court, gathering expert evidence, reviewing highly complex evidence, conducting in-depth interviews, reviewing financial documentation and interpreting often arcane law.

As a board-certified attorney in trial advocacy and criminal law, and recognized for the quality of his service by peer and public organizations, attorney J. Michael Price II can meet those challenges.

Rely on our office if you have been charged with:

White collar crime cases require the close attention of an experienced attorney and the ability to marshal dependable resources to provide the best possible defense. For more than a decade, we have done exactly that for thousands of Texas clients.

Consult With An Experienced Lawyer

In and out of the courtroom, we aggressively pursue your rights and fight for your defense. When you have been charged with a state or federal white collar crime, call our office at 877-651-1121 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.