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Detention Admission and Procedures

Protecting the Rights of Juveniles Detained in and around Dallas, Texas

When an adult gets arrested, they are often released from jail with a court date, or they can pay a certain bond and await the resolution of their case at home. Many people are surprised to learn that it is not always as simple for a juvenile who is arrested to get released from detention. This is because juveniles in Texas do not have the right to have bail or bond set. In addition, if the juvenile court decides that a juvenile may be a risk to the community or themselves, the judge can hold the juvenile in a detention facility for up to ten days.

As a parent, you want to have your child at home and in your care - not stuck alone in a detention facility. If your child is arrested and detained, your very first call should be to Dallas juvenile defense lawyer J. Michael Price II. Contact us anytime to learn how we might help in your child’s case.

Keeping a Juvenile in Detention

Juvenile judges have broad discretion when determining to detain or release a minor. Some factors that the court may consider include:

It is critical to have a skilled juvenile defense lawyer representing your child to the court to ensure they have the best chance at getting released.

Juvenile Detention Hearings

You should always have proper representation for your child’s detention hearing. The judge can review many documents and evidence, including reports from probation officers, the opinions of consultants or court employees, and witness testimony. Attorney J. Michael Price II has extensive experience navigating the detention hearing process and standing up for the rights of juvenile clients.

Often, a juvenile accused of a felony may be subject to automatic detention, and even allegations of a misdemeanor can result in detention without bond. No matter what charges a juvenile faces, it is essential that they have an attorney fighting for their ability to return home to their family as soon as possible.

Call a Dallas Juvenile Detention Defense Attorney Right Away if Your Child Has Been Detained

When your child has been arrested and risks extended detention, you need an experienced juvenile defense lawyer on your side right away. The law firm of J. Michael Price II is committed to criminal and juvenile defense, and our results are highly respected throughout the Dallas area. Contact our office at any time for assistance by calling 214-765-8000 or send us a message online.