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Collin County Field Sobriety Test Lawyer

When You Have Been Arrested for DWI

It begins with flashing lights in the rear view mirror. From that moment on evidence is being gathered against you.

This is all evidence being gathered against you, whether you know it or not, and every question, every request and every demand is aimed at the same goal: making you incriminate yourself. Ask yourself this — how many times do you imagine the police perform a field sobriety test and don’t arrest someone?

Police officers, no matter how much their gut tells them someone has broken the law, still need to follow the rules. During the evidence gathering, during field sobriety tests and during a DWI arrest, they have procedures. At the Dallas, Texas, law office of J. Michael Price II, we make sure that your rights are protected during a DWI stop and in court.

Challenging Stops, Arrests and Field Sobriety Tests

You have the right to refuse to take a field sobriety test during a DWI stop, and that can be a good decision when you plan to fight the arrest. But, J. Michael Price II obviously does not have the opportunity to guide you through the arrest, and you may make a decision without being fully informed.

Our role then becomes reviewing not only the evidence gathered against you, but the way in which that evidence was gathered. Over more than a decade of practice we have been highly successful in motions to suppress evidence gathered illegally. We look closely at:

When you are facing DWI charges, make sure you have an attorney on your side that can fully explore every option to defend your case. We have been highly successful and handled hundreds of drunk driving cases throughout Dallas and surrounding communities. Put experience, reputation and commitment to client service to work for you.

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