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Dispositions In Juvenile Court Collin County

Plano Juvenile Defense Attorney Standing Up for the Rights and Interests of Your Child

When police arrest a juvenile on suspicion of a criminal offense, the case will often proceed to juvenile court. Judges will hear the case and decide how to dispose of the matter, which may include an adjudication of guilty or not guilty. The court also has other options to give your child another chance to abide by the law before the judge issues any penalties.

You always want to ensure that your child has the best chance at a positive disposition in their juvenile criminal case. For this reason, it is critical that you consult with a highly experienced Plano juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the law office of attorney J. Michael Price II right away to discuss how we can help your child obtain the best disposition possible in their case.

Options for Juvenile Dispositions in Texas

Juvenile courts can dispose of cases in several different ways. Our law firm fights for a court to agree to an alternative to prosecution, such as a pre-adjudication program. This gives your child a chance to prove themselves and avoid formal sentencing. When deciding whether your child may be right for a pre-adjudication program, the court may consider:

We can present your child’s case to the court in the most positive light possible to fight for their opportunity to avoid adjudication.

Juvenile courts can work quite differently than adult criminal courts, and judges can have more discretion when it comes to the disposition of your child’s case. We know how to approach this type of case to present your child in the best light possible to the court.

Progressive Juvenile Sanctions in Texas

While Texas law aims for uniform juvenile sanctions across the state, juvenile courts in Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties often look to more progressive sanctions in juvenile court that are unique to each individual case. The court often considers much more than the current alleged offense, and judges can try to tailor the disposition of each case to the total circumstances of the juvenile, their history, and their family situation.

Attorney J. Michael Price II has represented juveniles from all different types of backgrounds who are facing many kinds of criminal allegations. We know there is often the possibility of obtaining progressive sanctions from the court instead of traditional sentencing. We can evaluate the details of your child’s case and advise of the potential outcomes, as well as how we might fight for the most positive disposition possible.

Find Out how Our Experienced Plano and Collin County Juvenile Defense Lawyer Can Help You and Your Child

The law office of J. Michael Price II represents the interests of juveniles and defends against criminal charges. If your child needs criminal defense assistance, call 214-765-8000 or contact us online today.