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Sealing Of Juvenile Records

Helping to Seal Your Child’s Criminal Record in Collin County, Texas

Many people get into trouble with the juvenile criminal system when they are young. Fighting, experimenting with alcohol or drugs, or other youthful indiscretions can actually result in serious consequences if a juvenile is arrested and charged with a criminal offense. If a young person is adjudicated guilty by the juvenile court, they will have a record of those criminal offenses that can follow them and affect their life for years.

If you have a juvenile record or your child does, you should never simply assume that the record will automatically go away or become inaccessible when you become an adult. This is not the case, as you must take affirmative steps to seal a juvenile record.

The law office of J. Michael Price II in Plano has extensive experience with the juvenile system and has seen firsthand the many benefits of sealing juvenile records. We understand the distinct process of getting a juvenile record sealed, which is different than the process to expunge an adult criminal record. If you want to learn about your options for you or your child in Texas, schedule your no-cost consultation with our office today.

Do Not Let Your Juvenile Choices Affect Your Adult Opportunities

It is true that juvenile records are kept confidential in many situations, and they are not accessible to just anyone once you are an adult. However, your juvenile record will not simply disappear, and law enforcement agencies and others with a legitimate interest may still be able to access your record. Unless you take action to have the juvenile record sealed, it will still remain intact and reviewable for those who have access.

Even if a criminal record only has offenses from when you were a minor, it can still create unnecessary challenges in your life or in your child’s life. Any type of criminal record can potentially affect your ability to find gainful employment, qualify for financing, or get into the higher education programs of your choice. If you have the opportunity to get your juvenile record sealed, there is no reason not to pursue it to maximize the opportunities of your future.

Sealing a record is not a simple task, however, so you should always seek guidance from a skilled juvenile criminal defense lawyer who has helped many clients seal their juvenile criminal records.

Do Not Wait to Learn about how a Plano Sealing of Juvenile Records Attorney Can Help

The law office of J. Michael Price II helps with all types of juvenile criminal matters, from representing minors facing criminal charges, accused or probation violations, or adults wishing to seal the records of their past mistakes. With more than 27 years of experience working with the criminal and juvenile systems in Texas, our firm understands how to best assist clients who are dealing with stressful situations. Call 214-765-8000 or contact us online to set up your free consultation about your options today.