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Plano Juvenile Drug, Alcohol, and Vandalism Lawyer

Learn How an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney in Collin County can Help in Your Child’s Case

Many juveniles try drinking, using drugs, or engaging in destructive behavior at some point. While many people consider these to be part of growing up and youthful indiscretions, they may not realize that such behavior can lead to serious juvenile criminal charges. Even if your child’s allegations seem relatively minor, you should always take any type of juvenile criminal matter extremely seriously.

No matter what the specific charges against your child may be, there is a lot at stake. Juvenile cases can result in serious consequences that can affect your child’s future for years to come. Whether allegations involve drugs, alcohol, vandalism, or any other type of offense, Plano juvenile defense lawyer J. Michael Price II can help. Call as soon as possible to discuss your child’s case.

Common Juvenile Cases in Collin County

There are many criminal charges that juveniles may face stemming from what they might believe is “normal” behavior. Some examples of conduct that can lead to serious juvenile charges include:

Many young people engage in these types of unlawful acts, and some juveniles get caught by police. What seemed at the time like normal teenager behavior can suddenly have harsh consequences if the case is not handled properly.

Juvenile Cases in Texas

Texas law takes all instances of underage drinking, property destruction, and drug crimes very seriously. The criminal system will not hesitate to aggressively prosecute such crimes, including for juveniles. You may think that the juvenile system is less concerning than adult criminal court, though an adjudication of guilt can stall result in severe penalties and a lasting record.

In order to give your child the best chance in their case, you should immediately contact a Plano defense lawyer who has experience with the juvenile criminal system. Juvenile courts operate differently than adult courts, and there are different options for how cases are resolved. Attorney J. Michael Price II knows how to work with juvenile prosecutors to find alternatives to prosecution, especially if it is your child’s first offense. For more severe offenses or multiple offenses, we can work to avoid detention and other lasting consequences whenever possible.

Discuss How a Plano Juvenile Vandalism Attorney Can Help

Having your child arrested and accused of any type of crime can keep you up at night. You will likely worry about how a juvenile case will affect their immediate life and their future. You can rest easier when you know your child has the strongest possible defense with the help of Dallas lawyer J. Michael Price II. Call 214-765-8000 or contact us online for a no-cost consultation about your child’s case.