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Removing a Misdemeanor Conviction from Your Record in Dallas

Clearing your record of a misdemeanor conviction may now be possible.

Have you ever been told before that you cannot have a criminal conviction removed from your record? Now you can! The Texas Legislature made significant and sweeping changes to the law that will now allow most first-time offenders, regardless of the sentence they received in their case, to have their records forever sealed from public view. You will even be able to deny that you have ever been charged or arrested for a first-time offense. This change in the law will benefit tens of thousands of Texans that have been suffering the stigma of a criminal conviction. This “second chance” law will allow first time, nonviolent misdemeanor offenders to request a court seal their records from public view as long as they meet certain criteria and fulfill certain conditions.

How do I get my criminal record expunged?

Under the new Texas law, HB 3016, you may be able to get a first time misdemeanor conviction removed from your criminal history. After a certain waiting period which depends on the nature of your arrest, you will be able to petition the court for a non-disclosure. The new law does not mean your criminal record will be automatically cleared of a first time misdemeanor offense. You must petition the court, requesting the removal of the offense from your record. If you have complied with all required conditions such as serving jail time, community service hours, and paying fines and restitution, then the court will grant your petition. The granting of your petition will result in an “Order of Non-Disclosure”. This means the offense will be removed and erased from your public record and you will be legally entitled to respond, when asked about the offense, that you were never convicted, accused, or found guilty of the crime in question.  This includes jail convictions for theft offenses, assaults, UCW charges, drug and marijuana offenses.   Even if you did not receive deferred adjudication probation, you may now be eligible to have your public criminal record erased.

Am I eligible to get a misdemeanor expunged from my record?

You are generally only able to have misdemeanor offenses removed from your record if the case was dismissed or if you were found not guilty of the offense.    This new Texas ‘second chance’ law will now allow for the removal and ‘non-disclosure’ even if you had a first time conviction for a fine only, Class C misdemeanor, or a conviction for other Class A or Class B misdemeanors.   You may now be eligible to clear this from your record.  Many common misdemeanors will be eligible for this new procedure, including:

Clear your criminal record! Contact Attorney J. Michael Price II today to see if you are eligible to expunge your criminal conviction.

Texas law is giving people accused of first time Class C misdemeanors, Class A and Class B misdemeanors and DWI the opportunity for a fresh start. If you’ve previously been told “that charge is on your record forever’, call Mike today!!!   Make sure you take advantage of this by contacting criminal defense attorney J. Michael Price II. Mike provides a no-cost case evaluation where he will let you know if you are eligible to clear your criminal record under the new Texas law.