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Dallas criminal lawyer J. Michael Price II and his criminal defense support team have successfully defended a vast assortment of criminal matters, including drunk driving, possession of drugs and other controlled substances, narcotics sales, theft, white collar fraud, conspiracy, computer crimes and sex offenses. READ MORE
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Plano Professional Misconduct Lawyer

Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Bankers And Other Professionals

In our society today, professionals are respected and held to a higher standard of behavior. When someone believes that the professional’s actions have fallen short of what was expected, there may be allegations of professional misconduct. I am attorney J. Michael Price II and I represent clients charged with Texas professional misconduct. From my Plano law firm, I counsel:

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I Prepare A Vigorous Defense For All Types Of Hearings

When you have been charged with professional misconduct, you need an effective defense, because these allegations affect your reputation, career and family. Oftentimes, these cases go before licensing and regulatory boards, or are resolved in civil or administrative hearings, or even in criminal courts of law. I have handled many cases where the professional has been accused of sexual misconduct, substance abuse or billing irregularities.

Meticulous Preparation And An Aggressive Approach Get Results

My approach in this area, as well as in all of my legal practice areas, is to use the latest technology and a team of relevant experts to uncover all essential facts in each individual case and put together the strongest possible defense. I interview all potential witnesses and meet with the prosecutor to determine the nature of the charges. Once I have thoroughly analyzed your options, we will decide together if possible to negotiate or to go to trial.

Let Me Be Your Legal Advocate

I have been practicing law for over 20 years, and during that time I have successfully represented more than 2,000 criminal cases. I have received thank you notes from clients, and my recent resultsspeak for themselves. If you have been charged with allegations, contact the Plano professional misconduct attorney who will fight for you. I am lawyer J. Michael Price II, and I will give your case the personal attention it deserves. For the convenience of my clients, I accept credit cards as payment. For more information, please check out my pages on criminal defense FAQs and criminal pretrial motions.