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Plano Juvenile Assault Lawyer

Representing the Rights of Juveniles Facing Serious Assault Charges

Assault refers to a criminal act that causes physical harm to another person or that puts another person in fear of imminent harm. Some examples of assault include punching someone or even just swinging at someone. People can face assault accusations even if they never come into contact with someone.

Assault charges can be very serious whether the accused is an adult or a juvenile. These allegations can result in harsh consequences for juveniles, even if they caused minor injuries or even no injuries at all. In fact, the juvenile courts want to set an example for minors in hopes of deterring possibly harmful conduct in the future, which is one reason why you should always take your child’s assault case extremely seriously.

Collin County defense lawyer J. Michael Price II has extensive experience handling juvenile assault case. Contact the office right away if your child has been arrested and accused of any degree of assault.

Defending Against Assault Allegations

Many young people get in fights or defend themselves against bullying or other dangers. When a young person starts a fight or fights back, they often do not consider the possibility that they can get arrested and face the possibility of criminal penalties and a record. Unfortunately, they do not appreciate the consequences of fighting until it is too late and they are detained.

It is always imperative to put forth the strongest possible defense against juvenile assault charges. There are many ways to defend against assault allegations, including:

A skilled defense lawyer will know how to review the circumstances of what happened and identify all possible legal defenses in your child’s case.

We can also discuss your child’s situation with the juvenile court to try to obtain the least serious consequences for assault charges. For example, we can present many mitigating factors regarding your child’s life and past to try to get them participation in pre-adjudication programs instead of an adjudication of guilt and traditional sentencing.

Do Not Wait to Consult with a Plano Juvenile Assault Defense Lawyer

You never want to fail to take your child’s assault accusations seriously, as it can lead to unnecessarily harsh penalties and effects on their future. Instead, you should immediately call Plano juvenile defense attorney J. Michael Price II to begin defending your child against these serious allegations. Call 214-765-8000 or contact us online for a no-cost consultation about how we can help in your child’s juvenile case.