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Dallas Sexual Assault of a Child Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of – or are under investigation for – the sexual assault of a child, you need experienced legal counsel on your side from the very beginning. Such charges are extremely serious, and prosecutors tenaciously pursue convictions by implementing every tool available to them. A conviction of sexual assault of a child will derail your life – in ways that you may not have even considered – and the stakes are far too high not to begin constructing your strongest defense immediately. Consult with a skilled Dallas sex crimes attorney today.

Focusing Exclusively On Defending The Accused

At the law office of J. Michael Price II, we only handle criminal defense matters. Mike has been board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and in criminal trial advocacy by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. He is one of only a handful of attorneys in North Texas to hold both of these credentials. We have the experience, knowledge and tireless commitment you will need on your side in a child sexual assault case.

One of the best ways to attack allegations of child sexual abuse and other offenses involving minors is to prepare a presentation packet for the grand jury that ultimately will decide if you will be indicted and formally charged. By presenting our side of the case to the grand jury, you can possibly eliminate ever being charged with this type of crime and obtaining a no-bill.

Polygraph examinations — also known as lie detector tests — reference letters, relevant information from ongoing divorce or child custody proceeding and discrepancies in the police investigation can give the grand jury the complete picture of the case. Without this information, they will only hear what the police and prosecutor want them to hear.

Sexual Assault of a Child: The Charge

In Texas, sexual assault of a child refers to the crime of an adult (who is at least 18 years old) engaging in sexual contact with a minor. This contact can take nearly any physical form – as long as the intention is sexual. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that, in Texas, a minor who has not yet turned 17 cannot consent legally to any kind of sexual interaction. Further, the sexual assault need not be physical between the adult and the child. Instead, sexual assault is defined as any act that is sexually motivated and that could negatively affect a child in a specific way:

This definition is immensely broad and casts an extremely wide net. This often lends itself to investigations that are much like fishing expeditions.

Public Opinion

The mere accusation of sexual assault of a child tends to incite public outrage. Many people who are accused feel the biting sting of being guilty until proven innocent. Indeed, even the arrest or charge of sexual assault that involves a child can have seriously negative repercussions:

When it comes to the sexual assault of a child, you don’t need to be convicted in a court of law to be convicted by your community. As a citizen, you have rights that are protected by the constitution; exercise these rights by working closely with an experienced Dallas sex crimes attorney as soon as you recognize that you are under investigation, have been accused, or have been charged (whichever comes first).

Legal Consequences

The consequences of a conviction for the sexual assault of a child can be especially harsh, and may include:

If you are facing accusations of sexual assault of a child, you need professional legal counsel now.

If Sexual Assault of a Child Charges Have Been Levied Against You, Contact Our Office Today

Sexual Assault of a child charges are extremely serious, and it is in your best interest to work closely with an experienced and dedicated sex crimes lawyer. Attorney J. Michael Price II in Dallas focuses exclusively on defending the accused, and he’s here to help you. For more information, please contact or call us at 214-765-8000 today.