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Alternatives to Juvenile Prosecution

Standing Up for Your Child in Juvenile Court in Dallas and Throughout Collin County

Learning that your child has been arrested and accused of any type of criminal offense can be a frightening experience. It is important to always remember that an accusation does not necessarily mean your child will be prosecuted. Instead, in juvenile court, there are different paths your child��s case may take, and the right juvenile defense attorney can fight for the best possible outcome.

At the law office of J. Michael Price II, we fight for alternatives to juvenile prosecution whenever we can. We understand how the juvenile court system works and how prosecutors make their decisions regarding each individual case. If you find out the police arrested your child, call our office right away.

Possible Alternatives in Juvenile Cases

When an adult is arrested and there is probable cause they committed a crime, the prosecutor will almost certainly issue criminal charges right away. On the other hand, many prosecutors in juvenile court may consider other options depending on the circumstances of an individual case. Often, having the right defense lawyer can help convince the prosecutor to pursue a different option than pursuing an adjudication of guilt.

Attorney J. Michael Price II knows how to discuss options and work out an alternative solution with the prosecutor, the juvenile court, and the probation department. The specific options that might be available will vary from county to county and from juvenile court to court. However, there are usually alternatives available if your child is accused of a misdemeanor and this is their first offense.

While there are no guarantees even for first offenders, the right attorney can always discuss a case with the prosecutor to try to avoid a filing of a petition of delinquent conduct. Instead, the prosecutor may agree to set other terms for your child to prove they can stay out of trouble before a prosecution occurs. Some common conditions include:

Often, a juvenile must abide by the specific conditions for six to 12 months. If your child successfully completes the time period with no issues, the prosecutor can drop or dismiss the charges against them. This means they will not have a juvenile record or have to complete a formal sentence set out by the juvenile court.

Consult with an Experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer at No Cost as Soon as Possible

In order for the prosecutor to consider alternatives to prosecution in your child��s case, you need the right juvenile defense attorney handling the matter. The law office of J. Michael Price II is highly regarded for our aggressive and dedicated defense representation of juveniles in and around the Dallas area. Contact us online or call 214-765-8000 right away to learn how we can fight for the best outcome for your child.