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Have You Received a Child Engaged in Delinquent Conduct Petition?

If the police are at your door regarding something your child has done, it's a frightening encounter. Few things are more terrifying than coming to the realization that one’s child might be in trouble with the law. It’s important to remember, however, that just because your child may be accused of delinquent conduct, it does not mean that charges will stick – but you need experienced legal counsel. If you’ve received a child engaged in delinquent conduct petition, consult with an experienced juvenile defense attorney immediately.

Child Engaged in Delinquent Conduct Petition

If you receive a child engaged in delinquent conduct petition, it is the equivalent of a lawsuit that has been filed against you and your child (a child who is at least 10 but who has not yet reached the age of 17). The petition includes you – the parent – because you are responsible for your child and as a means of ensuring that you also show up in court. If you suspect that you are going to be served with a petition related to your child engaging in delinquent conduct, an experienced Dallas juvenile crimes attorney may be able to circumvent the service – minimizing stress and embarrassment in the process. Sometimes, there are alternatives to prosecution available; work closely with a skilled criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in juvenile crimes.

Delinquent Conduct

The State of Texas defines delinquent conduct as a violation of federal or state law that – for an adult – would be punishable by time in jail or prison (but is not a traffic offense). This translates to mean that the child committed either a felony or a Class B (or higher) misdemeanor. Delinquent conduct can come in a variety of forms:

Conduct Indicating a Need for Supervision

Conduct indicating a need for supervision (CINS) is a less serious form of legally punishable juvenile conduct. Such conduct generally correlates with adult behaviors that would result in fines (not jail time). There are a variety of offenses that are so classified:

In an instance of CINS, the child can face probation but won’t be detained by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. The idea is to help the child find his or her way past whatever it is that’s causing the problematic behaviors.

If You've Received a Child Engaged in Delinquent Conduct Petition, Contact Our Office Today

Receiving a child engaged in delinquent conduct petition means your child is being charged with a crime and needs professional legal guidance. The consequences of a conviction on your child’s record can be significant, but attorney J. Michael Price II in Dallas has the experience, dedication, and compassion to fight for your child's rights and the most favorable resolution of his or her case. Mr. Price exclusively defends the accused, so please contact or call us at 214-765-8000 today.