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Plano Aggravated Stalking Attorney

People accused of aggravated stalking can be prosecuted in Texas criminal court and face serious penalties if convicted. Stalking is a complex activity that can involve a pattern of many types of behaviors that intimidate others or cause them fear of harm. Aggravating factors can enhance the charges and potential penalties, making a case an even more serious matter.

If you are facing stalking charges, you need to present the strongest defense possible. Seek help right away from a Plano aggravated stalking lawyer at the law office of J. Michael Price II. We defend against serious criminal charges and protect the rights of our clients.

Texas Aggravated Stalking Laws

Under the Texas Penal Code, stalking involves a series of actions that causes a victim fear of harm for themselves or a loved one or feelings of alarm, harassment, abuse, torment, or embarrassment. Stalking can involve many types of conduct, including following someone, appearing at someone’s home or work, sending threatening electronic messages, and more, and it must be a pattern of behavior for it to constitute stalking. Individuals facing criminal stalking charges may be convicted of a third-degree felony in many cases.

The situation gets significantly more serious when the charges involve aggravating factors, such as having a previous stalking conviction on your record. In this case, you can face second-degree felony charges and the associated penalties. If you are convicted of a second-degree felony in Texas, you can face the following possible penalties under the law:

If you are convicted of stalking or aggravated stalking, then it may be difficult for you to find employment or housing, and you might be disqualified from working in certain professions. Being convicted of a felony can also cause you to lose gun ownership rights.

Stalking can also result in a protective order against you, which can significantly limit your freedom and firearm possession rights. Violating a protective order is all too easy and can lead to additional serious criminal charges, so it is always best to avoid an order in the first place with the help of a stalking defense lawyer. 

Defending Against Aggravated Stalking Charges

All stalking charges are serious in the state of Texas due to the penalties that can result.

You need to retain exceptional defense representation if you are being accused of aggravated stalking in Plano, Texas. Our criminal defense attorney can advise you of your rights, negotiate with prosecutors, and help you challenge the allegations directed against you.

Prosecutors must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, and the right defense lawyer can challenge the evidence against you, as well as present other applicable legal defenses.

Speak with An Aggravated Stalking Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing aggravated stalking charges, your first call should be to a Plano stalking defense lawyer at the law office of J. Michael Price II. Contact our office to learn how we can help minimize or eliminate the penalties you face in your criminal case.