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Commonly Overlooked Texas Boating Laws

It surprises many clients to know that law enforcement officials don’t need probable cause to stop and board a private boat on Texas lakes. Texas Parks & Wildlife officials understand this, and when they even begin to suspect a BWI offense, perhaps because they see open containers on a vessel or several people in a boat having a good time, you can count on them to investigate and take the driver to shore for field sobriety tests.

If you have been arrested for a boating while intoxicated (BWI) offense on area Texas waterways, such as Lake Lewisville, Lake Texoma, Lake Grapevine or other recreation areas, make sure you have the representation you need on your side.

As a lifelong boater on Lake Texoma and someone who personally knows many of the area’s game wardens and sheriff officers who regularly patrol these lakes, I know what it takes to win a boating while intoxicated charge.

BWI in Texas carries penalties as stiff and significant as drunk driving. If you have been charged by law enforcement for operating a boat while intoxicated, call our office today at 214-765-8000.

Same Penalties — Different Laws

J. Michael Price IIgrew up in Sherman and has been boating on Lake Texoma since he was five years old. He has seen firsthand the differences between the way law enforcement operates on the highways and on the waterways. It’s important to realize that the laws governing driving under the influence and how law enforcement can investigate suspicions are very different.

When you hire a lawyer to represent your BWI case in court, make sure that you work with someone you trust and someone with concrete experience handling these kinds of cases.

While the boating laws may be different, the consequences of an arrest are virtually the same. Following a BWI arrest, you may be facing:

Texas has more inland waterline than any other state as well as one of the highest rates of water fatalities. Law enforcement on the water also has much more opportunity and fewer restrictions for following up on suspicions of BWI. If you are charged, know your rights and your options by working with an experienced, proven and reliable criminal defense lawyer.

Consult With An Attorney Today

When you are facing BWI charges in North Texas, our law firm can provide experienced defense designed to seek dismissal, acquittal or deferred judgment. Find out more about how we can work for you.Contact us onlineor call our office today at214-765-8000.