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Probation Revocations In Juvenile Court

Representing Juveniles in Dallas Accused of Violating the Terms of Their Probation

Many parents are happy when their child gets probation instead of detention after being accused of a criminal offense. However, like adults, juveniles can have strict terms of their probation that they must follow in order to successfully complete their sentence. Many juveniles may violate one or more of their probation conditions, or their supervising probation officer may wrongfully believe that a violation occurred. This is a situation that must be taken very seriously.

At the law office of J. Michael Price II, we understand the possible consequences that juveniles face in Dallas, as well as the concerns of their parents. We represent families in juvenile court to protect their rights and ensure your child receives the most positive outcome possible. Allow a skilled juvenile defense attorney to navigate the process for your child - do not delay in calling today for a consultation.

Common Juvenile Probation Violations

The terms of juvenile probation can vary widely depending on the nature of the underlying offense. It is imperative that your child fully understands all of their specific conditions to avoid possible violations. Some violations are intentional, while others are not. In some cases, an accusation can occur even if no violation did. Because the circumstances can vary so much, it is critical to discuss your specific situation with a juvenile probation defense lawyer.

Some common juvenile probation violations include:

Possible Penalties of Probation Violations

When a probation violation is suspected, their officer may file a motion with the juvenile court to modify disposition or revoke their supervision altogether. Depending on the nature of the original charge and the nature of the probation violation, this may be the first step toward the removal of your child from your home. The state of Texas may place your child in a residential setting, group home, or even in a detention facility run by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD).

Other possible consequences can include:

If a violation involves a subsequent criminal offense, a juvenile will face the consequences for the new offense in addition to the penalties for the probation violation.

Because your child can face much stricter guidelines and serious consequences, you want an attorney with a track record of success when obtaining positive outcomes for juveniles. Our juvenile defense firm works to keep children out of TJJD and in their homes with their parents where they belong. Call today to learn how we can help in your specific situation.

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Whether a juvenile faces initial criminal charges, allegations of a probation violation, or would like assistance sealing their record, juvenile defense lawyer J. Michael Price II can help. The firm is recognized for our reliable and effective representation for all juvenile crimes. contact our office today or call us directly at 214-765-8000 to schedule an initial consultation.