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Dallas Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Social media, including various types of chat rooms, have become part of the landscape of modern communication. The police have found inroads into this often anonymous-seeming social interaction and have initiatives in place to lead unsuspecting communicants into implicating themselves in serious felonies, including internet solicitation of a minor and child pornography.

Formal charges of such crimes can be damaging in and of themselves, but a conviction is accompanied by serious prison time and registration as a sexual offender. If you are facing an allegation of child pornography, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced and dedicated Dallas County sex crimes attorney from the outset. Getting out in front of an allegation can circumvent formal charges and assembling your strongest defense as early as possible is in your best interests.

Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes is a broad and sweeping category that, in essence, refers to sexually intentioned internet interactions with a minor – or someone who is believed to be a minor. The sexual intention component covers a wide variety of acts, but the possession or viewing of child pornography is a common charge.

Child Pornography Defined

The United States Department of Justice categorizes child pornography as a form of child sexual exploitation and defines child pornography as any sexually explicit visual depiction of a minor (younger than 18). Further, it is a federal crime to produce, distribute, import, receive, or possess child pornography in any form.

Chatrooms and Child Pornography

Officers at the local, state, and federal level make it their business to enter chatrooms while posing as minors in attempts to engage other members of the chatroom space in behaviors that ultimately lead in a sexual direction. Typically, these conversations begin innocently and evolve into something more explicit that leads to a request or stated interest in exchanging or sending pornographic pictures or videos. An overzealous officer can guide a conversation into an arena that it may not have otherwise entered – entrapping participants in the process

Penalties for Possession

Because the internet spans across states (and the world), internet sex crimes are usually filed as federal crimes. The penalties associated with possession of child pornography are extremely serious:

If You’ve Been Accused of Possessing Child Pornography, Contact Our Plano Office Today

If you’re facing an accusation related to child pornography, you cannot act too quickly. The consequences associated with such a charge are extremely harsh, and you need to build your strongest defense now. Attorney J. Michael Price II has the experience, commitment, and determination to protect your rights and to aggressively defend you at this difficult juncture in your life. Mr. Price focuses exclusively on defending the accused, and he’s here to help, so please contact us or call us at 214-765-8000.