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Plano Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Assault

Facing allegations of assault or domestic violence can be devastating in many ways. It can threaten your future and freedom, as well as potentially separate you from your family. Even if you know that the accusations against you are false or overblown, there is the real chance that you can be convicted and face harsh consequences that will impact your life in many devastating ways.

No matter what led to your arrest and charges, you want Plano criminal defense lawyer J. Michael Price II handling your case. Our defense firm evaluates the evidence against you and any applicable defenses to build the strongest possible case in your favor. We navigate every step of the criminal justice system on your behalf and always seek to minimize the effects that an assault or domestic violence case has on your life.

Contact our firm for a consultation right away if you are facing charges in the Plano and Collin County area.

Defense Representation You Can Trust

Domestic assault charges can be particularly concerning since your case can have wide-ranging effects on your life. These cases usually begin when someone calls the police to report a domestic altercation. In these situations, police officers will feel the need to arrest someone, even if there is little to no evidence of a domestic assault or injuries. If you are the one arrested, it is likely that you will face assault charges based on the initial accusations against you. You will be likely be ordered top not have any contact with the complainant, not go within 500’ of their residence or place of employment. In most circumstances, this is also your residence as well. This can create an undue hardship of having to abide by bond conditions or a protective order while also trying to live in your house, with your family, and remain employed.

In the event you are convicted of domestic assault, the penalties will depend on the specific allegations in your case, and they can involve:

Not only can you face penalties in a criminal case, but you can also face a separate case involving a restraining order/protective order against you. Often, if you are getting a divorce, your spouse might pursue a restraining order to get a larger advantage in your divorce case. The effects of a restraining order can be far-reaching, however, and can include:

Violating a restraining order can have severe consequences, and we can work to avoid an order against you when possible. We can handle your restraining order case in civil court as well as the underlying domestic assault case in criminal court.

Learn How a Plano Assault and Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

Plano domestic violence lawyer J. Michael Price II has been providing aggressivedefense services for over 27 years with many recognitions for high-quality representation. If you are facing accusations of assault or domestic violence, you want our firm protecting your rights and your future.

Contact us online or call 214-765-8000 to set up an appointment to discuss your charges and how we can help. We have a proven track record when it comes to defending against domestic assault charges and, though every case is different, we will bring all of our experience to the table in your case.