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What If My License Gets Suspended Indefinitely in TX?

Maintaining your license is a huge responsibility. Driving isn’t actually a right. It’s a privilege granted to you. This means that, as with other kinds of privileges, your driving privileges can be taken away under certain circumstances. For example, you may lose your driving privileges when you drive recklessly, get charged or convicted with a crime, or injure another road user while driving your car.

The court can issue an order requiring the temporary suspension of your driver’s license for a predetermined or indefinite period of time or even the permanent revocation of your license.

What is Driver’s License Suspension?

Put simply, you cannot use your license and drive in Texas if you have a suspended driver’s license. You can get your license and driving privileges reinstated at some point, but you can’t legally drive as long as you have a suspended license. There are two kinds of license suspension, definite and indefinite suspension. A definite driver’s license suspension will be lifted after a predetermined time once you have paid the reinstatement fee and complied with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) requirements.

Definite license suspensions can be issued due to various reasons, but are normally issued to drivers who have drug or alcohol-related moving traffic violations, are driving without the required auto insurance coverage, or have accumulated too many traffic citations.

When your license has been suspended indefinitely, it will remain suspended until you comply with the requirements for reinstatement. These requirements will vary depending on the reason for the indefinite suspension. This could mean completing a drug or alcohol rehab program, resolving a traffic ticket, and/or paying fines.

Can I Fight a TX License Suspension?

If you’ve received a notice of suspension or have been given an order for suspension, you must act fast because you can only challenge the suspension within a particular timeframe. The suspension will take effect by default if you fail to challenge the suspension within the required timeframe. Likewise, waiting to challenge or object to the suspension after you have been caught while driving with a suspended driver’s license may result in the court not granting you relief or ordering the revocation of your license.

A skilled Collin County Criminal Defense Attorney in Plano Texas can help you with your license suspension and can determine how best to challenge the license suspension. Your attorney can likewise request relief in the form of an occupational driver’s license so that you can drive (with specific restrictions) even if your license is suspended.

Seek Legal Guidance From a Skilled Plano, TX, License Suspension Attorney

Having a driver’s license isn’t a right but a privilege, which means that it can be taken away from you if you break the law. If your driver’s license has been suspended in Texas or you’ve received a notification of suspension from the DPS, reach out to The Law Office of J. Michael Price II as soon as possible.

To find out about your options for getting your license back, you can discuss your case with our Plano, TX, license suspension attorney. Fill out our online form or call 214-765-8000 to set up your free case review today.